Inverto Quattro Lnb Premium 0.2dB, 40mm


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Quattro Universal 40mm PLL LNB IDLP-QTL410-PREMU-OPNDesigned specifically for the European DTH markets, this LNB offers optimized reception options and is designed so that multiple LNBs can be attached to the feed arm. The LNB allows the reception of signals from a satellite and its distribution via a multiswitch to the set-top boxes. Designed for high-definition broadcasts with excellent noise measurements. Main Features – Low phase noise, DVB-S2 (HD and UHD) compliant – Low noise figure – Low power consumption – High cross polarization suppression – High frequency stability Specifications – noise figure 0.2dB – 40mm Feed – Input frequency range 10.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz – Output frequency range 950 MHz ~ 2150 MHz – LO frequency low band 9.75 GHz – LO Frequency High Band 10.6 GHz – phase noise @ 10 kHz -80 dBc / Hz max – Power consumption: max. 120mA – Cross polarization suppression 22 dB min – Frequency stability @ 25 ° C ± 500 kHz max – Gain 55 dB min.

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